Why BTS’s Dynamite is the Best Thing on the Internet Right Now!

Source: https://headlineplanet.com/home/2020/08/10/bts-members-show-off-carefree-moods-in-first-teaser-photos-for-dynamite/

Okay. Let me preface this entry, by stating that I am not a member of the BTS Army. That being said I have heard a few songs of theirs and I hold it very close to my heart (Mic Drop – the Steve Aoki remix version, DNA and Blood, Sweat and Tears were under ‘Frequently Played’ on my phone for a LONG TIME). So I am not entirely a newcomer in the BTS Camp.

I also understand that this title a bit, um.. very “clickbait-ey” and I am not against it. I actually do think that Dynamite is the best thing on the internet right now and after seeing this post, you must immediately go give it a listen because I am HYPED!

Now from my top 3 songs, you might have gauged my music preference. I am not someone who typically listens to songs that are very upbeat or cheerful. I am not one for the “Cotton candy” type of songs. And in all fairness, I also listened to Lover when Taylor Swift dropped it. It wasn’t something I typically gravitated towards, but I did enjoy “You Need to Calm Down” immensely. But I don’t think I’d love it more than Cardigan from her latest album Folklore. That is song just, feels so cozy and warm. It’s magic.

So, what’s changed with BTS? I guess, it’s just the timing. Every day, I get to hear how many people are affected with the COVID-19 pandemic and it makes me anxious. The entire world has gone into gloom as we’re all stuck in doors. I am being a wee bit entitled when I say that I don’t prefer walking outdoors with the mask on. Somehow, it is out of the ordinary and my brain is not willing to readily accept it. So, in these dark times, this song with it’s cute visuals and rainbow and joyous aesthetic is honestly, a sight for sore eyes. Also, the Bangtan Sonyeondan are a treat in themselves. I mean, this song is a just, pure fluff and sprinkles! It’s also their first ‘All-English’ song! (Honestly, the last part makes no difference to me because I can literally listen to any music as long as I vibe with it).

I am glad that I gave this song a try. It has made me extremely happy today – so much so that I have heard it 3 times on Youtube and I just hit the replay button to hear it for the fourth time. I also know that I am 6 days late so, I need to catch up. It put a spring in my step and I did a little jig around my room. Anything that makes me stand up from the bed is great in itself.

If you are interested – Lover was a 2019 album by Taylor Swift which also has a few fluff, peppy and upbeat songs like ME! and You Need to Calm Down which will brighten your day as well. One other K-Pop song to add to this list is Pentagon’s Shine! This is a bop as well. I just can’t think straight. Maybe I’ll bring out a separate post on songs that I like. Maybe… that idea does enamor me. Maybe I will!

I have found myself listening to peppy songs in the morning and only Cardigan from Taylor Swift’s new album Folklore at night. I don’t know how, but there’s some feeling in it that helps me get less anxious.

Before I leave, my bias is Rap-Monster aka Namjoon from BTS. Who’s yours?

Okay! Bye! Off to listen to Dynamite for the 5th time! (I streamed the it for the 4th time as I was writing this) If I have veered off track, I am extremely sorry but this is just too nice to not write about!

“Shining through the city with a little funk and soul
So I’ma light it up like dynamite”

-R. Krithika 💖

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